Sarainnerhealing Mastering-Love-To-Resolve-Conflicts-Build-Healthy-Relationships Mastering Love To Resolve Conflicts & Build Healthy Relationships

Mastering Love To Resolve Conflicts & Build Healthy Relationships

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About The Course

Fundamentally this course is based on spiritual principles that govern our world and relationships. The focus  is  empowering participants with tools for higher consciousness. These tools should harness your capacity to negotiate and manage solutions to end protracted damaging conflicts. To this extent, the course is not a mediation training. Rather, it is a self help training to maximise your spiritual energy through effective conflict management.

You are asked to suspend your beliefs and definitions of words you may have come across in other studies.  This will help you explore and implement the tools objectively. Otherwise, it will be difficult for  you to maximise the course’s benefits.

The program is practical and down to earth;  it is  equally  challenging since you are taking the driving seat of your life to end conflict. You are mastering tools to  courageously take on the responsibility of improving harmony and kindness as you end conflicts.

Course Objectives:

The course is made up of five modules:

  • Spirituality and conflict management- the core spiritual laws that we should master  to  minimise conflict in our lives
  • The spiritual root to good and bad relationships and how to manage them for harmonious living
  • The ego as the enemy of all our problems and it manifestation in different types of relationships
  • Love as a powerful solution to conflict – other psycho analytical methodology may work but with love your heart is healed and spiritual connection is
  • Spiritual practices to strengthen your  spiritual muscles to put love in action, minimise conflict and manage them quickly to stop negative consequences.

Who the course is for

If you have been in a prolonged conflicts with spouse, relatives, friends, employee, employer, neighbours etc and looking for a spiritual way to manage them, give this course a try. You will not regret it. It will challenge you to perceive life differently and become an astute governor of your inner world. You will be more conscious and connected after mastering the  wisdom and applying them regularly in your life.