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Forgiveness Therapy For Spiritual & Emotional Healing

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Forgiveness therapy is a self-study programme with no one to one or group support. If you require additional support, you will need to pay an additional fee based on your specific needs. Occasionally, we will run webinars for which you will be invited to attend.

Forgiveness brings a person into harmony. Harmony is critical for vitality and health. Harmony is key to good relationships, and our success depends on this too.

To hold others in unforgiveness is to stop one’s spiritual development. Of course, when we are spiritually under-developed, we are prone to negative emotional attitude – jealousy, frustration, hurt temper, resentment, anger, revengeful, destructive envy, fear and more. None of these emotional defects can be tolerated without their side effects. Their side effects are numerous but to name a few:

  • Mental health issues – depression, anxiety, prolonged stress, lack of focus due to mental constipation, low concentration and more
  • Physical ailments – an imbalance in the body organs, which results in inflammation, headaches, body pain and a whole host of other diseases
  • Relationship disruption – an inability to work harmoniously with others due to deep-seated negative energy
  • Finances – prolonged deep-seated anger and resentment have been shown to affect people’s work-life and damage their capacity to earn and be financially stable.

Forgiveness therapy course will help you:

  • Master tools to heal from emotional trauma and pain, which prevents you from letting go of past unpleasant events.
  • Learn powerful tools to improve your vibration and spiritual growth through the power of forgiveness.
  • Learn how to increase your consciousness and bring a healthy spiritual balance to your life.
  • Develop inner strengths and courage to move forward confidently with your life to enhance success